What class should I take?

The class required depends on the type of establishment you own or work in.

Limited Class

Individuals who operate or are employed by ice cream stores, taverns, hot dog or ice cream trucks, and snack bars with minimal food preparation may take the “Limited” Food Manager class, which is a 3 hour classroom class offered once a month. If you are unsure if you qualify to take the Limited class, please call (631) 852-5997.

Online Class

The online Food Manager’s course is equivalent to the traditional classroom class, and satisfies the Food Manager certificate requirement for all food establishments, allowing you to take the class at your convenience. The course consists of 20 modules that address various food safety topics, with a short quiz that follows each module. Successfully answering the quiz questions allows you to advance to the next module. You must complete all modules within 45 days of registering for the course. After completing all modules, you will be prompted to sign up for a test date. The exam is given at our offices in Yaphank and test dates are scheduled on a regular basis. Click here to register for the Online Food Manager's Class.

Certificate Renewal Class

Owners of Suffolk County-issued Food Manager’s certificates can renew their certificates in a shortened (2 half day) class by registering for the Renewal course within 90 days following expiration of their current certificate. The Renewal class is offered monthly and taught in our Yaphank offices. An exam is given on the second class day. Individuals needing to renew their certificates may also take the online course.

Classroom Class

The traditional classroom-based Food Manager’s course is offered monthly and is taught by experienced Department food safety instructors in our Yaphank classroom over 3 half days.  An exam is given on the third class day. Click here for Food Manager's Classroom Training Registration.

What if I already have a non-Suffolk County issued certificate?

Suffolk County recognizes food safety certificates issued by entities that offer training equivalent to its own, and accepts valid certificates issued within the prior 3 years by an approved government agency or private corporation.

If you already have a certificate issued within the prior 3 years by one of the listed entities, you are NOT required to take the Suffolk County Food Manager’s course or obtain a Suffolk County certificate.
  1. Approved Food Safety Certificate Issuing Entities:
    a. Nassau County Health Department
    b. National Registry of Food Safety Professionals
    c. National Restaurant Association (ServSafe®)
    d. New York State Education Department
    e. New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene
    f. Nutritional Management Services
    g. Prometric
    h. The American Food Safety Institute